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Reinventing planning and outcomes measurement 

Exhausted by traditional planning, performance measurement and outcomes work? - long text documents; endless tables of strategies and measures; indecipherable scribbling on white boards; and protracted vague discussions in strategy meetings.

They're futile against a hyper-chaning, uncertain global operating environment.  

Better theory - outcomes theory provides the conceptual basis for thinking about any outcomes work (prioritization, measurement, attribution, accountability).

Better methodology - DoView Visual Planning and Outcomes Measurement is the new agile approach that integrates all outcomes work (planning, performance management, monitoring, evaluation)

Better tool - DoView Outcomes Software is used to create large-scale visual Outcomes DoViews, (pronounced 'Do Views') in real-time in front of planning groups. It lets you work with these models as the basis for all your outcomes work. 

Resources, videos, articles, examples, software

  • DoView Planning - the new practical planning approach based on visual strategic planning More
  • DoView Visual Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Planning - a faster visual approach to planning monitoring and evaluation More
  • DoView Outcomes Software - the versatile tool for visual strategy and outcomes work More

Some examples of use: 

Building a visual evaluation plan for international development More
Knowledge management in public health More

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